Headshots and Business Portraits

Professional portraits and corporate headshots. There are certain specific characteristics that make this type of portrait unique. A good business executive or corporate portrait is designed to connect with your customers.

A great head shot is important to reach beyond the printed work and connect with your customer in a way that says, that you are a reliable professional and you can be trusted. Exhibit your best image of yourself and your business with a professional business portrait. I shoot executive headshots in St Louis, Missouri. I am an independent business photographer with decades of experience.

Executive headshots are a crucial resource in marketing and advertising campaigns, appearing on websites, across social media, in press releases and throughout company brochures. I’ll work with you to arrange professional portraits of you and your colleagues that demonstrate your company culture and personal approach to business. Each photo is a flattering, distinguished representation conducted with perfect clarity, balance, lighting and positioning to provide excellent, memorable first impressions.

We can setup a photography session at our private studio or at your location of choice. We understand the fast pace of business and we are effective, efficient and quick.

Our pricing includes all the travel, setup time, shooting time, some editing/image calibration/Photoshop time and the delivery of the images on a website to download. When shooting on Location, it usually takes about an hour or less to set up the necessary lights and equipment in the book area you have selected and usually takes about 15-20 minutes a person. I do bring a laptop to view the images so we make sure we are getting what we need from each person. After the images are shot, we post all the images to a website for viewing.

Once each person has picked their images they like, then the editing will begin. The finals are posted to a website for your downloading convenience.

We do ask, that each person come Hair and Makeup ready before we shoot unless we have included a makeup person in the project.

Our creative photographers have photographed CEOs, Doctors, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Beauticians, Models, Actors, Authors, Photographers, and more. Headshots need to capture your personality, represent your product or service, and be on par with your brand. If your brand is vibrant and colorful, you don’t need a dark and moody headshot. Let us help you!

How to Choose the Right Look for Your Professional Headshot

Picking the correct style for your pro headshot can feel overwhelming. You need to show yourself in the best light and ensure your ensemble stands out. With our guide, you’ll make sure your professional headshot says what you need it to.

From shades and fabrics to extras, we’ll help you craft the perfect look that will grab any employer’s attention!


A professional headshot is key for building your personal brand. It shows employers, colleagues, and clients who you are.

Before booking a photo session, think about what you need. Clothing, props, background, and lighting all matter.

Once you have the right look, it’s time to step in front of the camera. Show the world who you are professionally!

Research Your Industry

Before you decide your look for a professional headshot, it is vital to learn the industry standard. Each profession has a style – conservative for financial advisors or relaxed for creative fields like graphic design. Remember too that some industries won’t accept certain types of dress.

To get an idea of what looks conform, research within your social circles or magazines and websites. Knowing the trends will help you pick pieces that make you look professional. You can also stand out with accessories or tailor-made suits. A professional headshot should show who you are and that you understand the industry standards.

Do your research before making decisions about what to wear!

Consider Your Audience

Consider your audience when selecting a professional headshot look. What impression do you want to make? A corporate look may suit attorneys and CEO’s best. But for entrepreneurs and creatives, a more relaxed style may be better.

Shooting headshots on location at Washington University.
Shooting headshots on location at Washington University.

Consider the environment the photo will be used in. Is it for a job search website or resume? Will others view it during an in-person interview?

Clothing should be clean, well-fitted, and comfortable. Darker colors are dressier, but don’t detract from your face! Minimal accessories can help enhance the look, depending on the statement you want to make.

Choose Your Outfit

When selecting a professional headshot outfit, choose something that represents you and the look you’re going for. Avoid bright colors and busy prints – they can be distracting. Think about how your outfit will look with the background. Monochromatic colors that don’t clash are best. Consider how often you’ll use the image. Darker colors are more formal, lighter colors give off a relaxed vibe. Pick an outfit that fits your industry and personality. Make sure it’s appropriate for casual and professional settings. Minimal patterns or designs are best for facial features. Simple accessories like watches, necklaces, or earrings can enhance your headshot. Avoid busy patterns or visible logos – unless required for the job. Stick to classic silhouettes and styles. Simple shirting with trousers, skirts, or dress-wear that you feel comfortable in is ideal.

Choose Your Location

It’s essential to select the perfect spot for your professional headshot. The background can be anything from a basic wall or office desk, to a natural setting. Normally, plain backdrops are suggested for headshots since it permits the focus of the photo to be on you and your professional brand identity. For top-level professionals, a classic look works best and makes a worldly feel.

If you’re shooting in an office, ensure that any visible items like furniture and designs are appropriate for the wanted industry look – this will aid in your overall professional appearance.

For artistic pros like actors and entertainers, certain locations work better than others. For instance, outdoor environments can provide interesting depth and imaginative backdrops which can add another aspect to your headshots. Consider trying various poses too, to capture various looks that demonstrate different sides of you professionally; this will also create more options for using your photos later on for various projects or business requirements.

The most crucial thing is making sure that you feel relaxed so that you project confidence throughout each shot – no matter where it is taken!

Choose Your Photographer

Finding the right photographer for your professional headshot is vital. Not all photographers take the same approach to portraiture. Do some research to locate those who specialize in professional portraits. Ask questions and look at samples of their work. This will help to ensure quality images and flattering poses.

See portfolios in person, instead of just on digital platforms. You’ll get a stronger sense of the photographer’s work. Are they proficient in studio lighting or outdoor shooting? Do they prefer natural light photography? Get an idea of their style before booking a session.

Allow enough time for your session. 15-30 minutes might not be long enough for getting the perfect shot. Make sure to relax and express yourself. This way your head shot will accurately show your personal brand and style.

Prepare for Your Shoot

Before your session, plan ahead to make it work for your profession. Don’t be too casual or have distracting clothing or accessories. Here are some tips for a professional headshot:

• Wear solid colors without bold prints or logos. For men, collared shirt and tie with suit jacket or blazer. Women, blouse, sleeveless top, or dress with subtle detail.

• Accessorize carefully with one or two pieces. Don’t overpower the photo.

• Minimize makeup, natural looks best. Hair experiment to know what looks best.

Review and Finalize Your Headshot

It’s time to decide on your headshot after the photo session! Set aside some time for this process. You want the image to reflect who you are as a pro.

Consider both form and content while reviewing the photos. Check if the image is in focus, cropped, and sized correctly. Examine facial expressions and see if they convey the message you want. Take into account any comments made during or after the shoot. Find the photo that captures your presence and attitude in front of the camera. Uncomfortable expressions can weaken an image.

Once you find the perfect Headshot, select different versions in different sizes. Save a copy for future use and save one for yourself! Now you have a headshot ready for any occasion!

Call today or send me an email and let me know when it’s convenient to discuss your needs.
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