Professional portraits and corporate headshots. There are certain specific characteristics that make this type of portrait unique. A good business executive or corporate portrait is designed to connect with your customers.

A great head shot is important to reach beyond the printed work and connect with your customer in a way that says, that you are a reliable professional and you can be trusted. Exhibit your best image of yourself and your business with a professional business portrait. I shoot executive headshots in St Louis, Missouri. I am an independent business photographer with decades of experience.

Executive headshots are a crucial resource in marketing and advertising campaigns, appearing on websites, across social media, in press releases and throughout company brochures. I’ll work with you to arrange professional portraits of you and your colleagues that demonstrate your company culture and personal approach to business. Each photo is a flattering, distinguished representation conducted with perfect clarity, balance, lighting and positioning to provide excellent, memorable first impressions.

saint louis business portraits

saint louis business portraits

We can setup a photography session at our private studio or at your location of choice. We understand the fast pace of business and we are effective, efficient and quick.

Send me an email and let me know when it’s convenient to discuss your needs.
Mike Haller
9910 Claywood Court
St. Louis, MO 63126

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