Full Service Studio

st louis photography studio services
st louis photography studio services

We are a full-service commercial and advertising photography studio.  We can help you from set design to image manipulation, it all comes together with dynamic imagery to set you apart from your competition.  We always strive to deliver compelling photographic visuals that serve your marketing communications needs. Motivating the market is always a challenge.  We do whatever it takes to create the perfect image each and every time. We want you to keep coming back for more images to help your business whether it’s for print or the web.  Beautiful pictures are not always enough. We capture the relevance and deliver emotional appeal to connect with your target audience that motivates and sells your message.

Professional photographs tell the world who you are and what you stand for. Whether as a business owner, employee, or brand ambassador, your image is everything in today’s digital landscape. Your photo is the first thing potential clients see when researching your services or products online. It’s also the first thing hiring managers see when reading your resume and considering you for a position. Recognizing the importance of professional images to represent who we are and what we stand for, our team at Saint Louis Business Portraits has created an accessible private photography studio space that can be rented on demand. Our goal is to help small businesses and individuals create amazing images for their website and social media profiles as well as help them land jobs by creating professional headshots

st louis photography and video studio
st louis photography and video studio

Backdrops and Props
When we talk about backdrops and props, we’re not just talking about the items in the background of your shot. We’re also talking about the clothing that you wear and the accessories that you use. Every aspect of your commercial photography session should be carefully planned out to ensure you get the best shots possible. Let your photographer know what you have in mind for your shoot and discuss any ideas you have in advance. For example, if you’re using a product photography session to sell your new coffee table, you may want to use a plain white table in the photo. If you’re using a commercial photography session to market your interior design business, you may want a table that shows off your style and matches your brand.

Artist Prescription: Get Ready with a Makeup Artist
For many women, doing their makeup is second nature. But for those who aren’t as familiar, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. And when you have a commercial or product photography shoot coming up, you really don’t have time to play around with your makeup. By hiring a professional makeup artist the day before your shoot, you’ll free up your schedule and have more energy to focus on other important aspects of your business. Additionally, you’ll get a ton of great advice on how to get your makeup just right on your own moving forward.

Mike Haller
9910 Claywood Court
St. Louis, MO 63126

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