Photo Tips

Your professional head shot is most important to your personal image. In order to help you look your best, consider the following tips: Dress in professional business or casual attire for the photo or bring wardrobe for both! Solid colors (not white) appear best in photos.

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Stand, sit or lean to obtain a candid photo of yourself, either in a business or personal setting. If you wear glasses or have light reflective eyes (such as blue eyes), do not look directly at the camera. If you wear glasses, tilt your head slightly to reduce glare. If you have light reflective eyes, look at the photographer’s shoulder opposite the flash even if “red eye reduction” is used.

Make sure that any strong light source, such as indoor lighting or windows, is either overhead or behind the photographer. Have your photographer use the highest quality setting on the digital camera. This will produce a larger file resulting in enhanced picture quality. We strongly discourage the use of cell phone photos as they do not typically have the resolution needed for print materials.

To insure picture clarity, always use a tripod. If using a hand-held camera, remind your photographer to hold their breath when taking the photo and to remain still for several seconds after the flash. Have your photographer take multiple shots, as this increases the likelihood of producing the “perfect picture.” Preview your pictures and select the best photo for publication.
Mike Haller
9910 Claywood Court
St. Louis, MO 63126

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