St Louis Professional Business Portraits and Headshots for Social Media

If you are representing only yourself, you usually have more leeway than if you are representing a company. Either way your image on social media will be a first impression and it’s key to make a good one!

We’ve been shooting both portraits and headshots for years and have a good idea of what works, but it’s also important to project an image that you want to present.  We’ll work with you to create those looks collaboratively so you can have a social media portrait or headshot that works for you.

Once you have new photos, it’s key to determine if you want to use different images for different sites or just one for everything.  The benefit to using a single one is that it’s consistent, but there may be places you want something more fun and relaxed vs. what your company may want to present you as.
Mike Haller

Annual Report Portraits | St Louis Headshot Photographer

We photograph people for their professional portraits for annual reports and for corporate websites.  We also shoot actor headshots for theater and film and musician headshots in St Louis; both on-location or in our studio. The portraits are commonly used for corporate communications, annual reports, social media, book jackets, readings, comp cards, submission for acting roles for stage productions, film, movie and TV, musical performance newsletters and announcements, websites, brochures and more.
Often we are hired as a St Louis event photographer. That is where we are hired to photograph a special corporate or business occurrence like an awards dinner, annual company party, annual conference, ground breakings and more. I work as a photojournalist would, documenting what happens in an unobtrusive style with group shots and detail pictures/signage images mixed in. It is very important to me to not distract from your company’s event as I work to photograph it.
Mike Haller

Saint Louis Business Portraits

Mike Haller is a Professional Portrait Photographer and Instructor of Photography.  Specializing in Business Headshots, Personal and Fashion portraits, Mike has years of experience in the field with lighting styles that are bold, simple, true and classic.

Running a client-focused business & believing that great creativity often is the result of team effort, he works closely with every client to create a unique and custom Portrait Session.  Mike understands that most people don’t like having their photo taken.  We’ve been creating success for our clients since 1982.  We can help you!
Mike Haller

Hire a Pro for your next business portrait.

As publicists, our team cannot stress enough the importance of a professional photo. It’s that first impression you give media and your audience that will last. There’s lots of areas to cut corners, a professional photo is not one of them.  Here are some professional tips to consider.

If you are shooting a group in an office environment, the best thing to do might be to bounce the light off the dropped ceilings. If you have a small or medium-sized group with 8-10 people standing close to each other, you might get away with a single flash, as long as you can bounce it off a white ceiling. Try to keep the group as tight as possible, which means asking the group to stand in multiple rows and close to each other.

Watch your flashes and let them recycle and cool off before firing again. If you are shooting at full power for whatever reason, make sure that you are giving enough time for your flashes, as recommended in the manual. Many photographers end up burning their flashes, because they do not pay attention to this. I highly recommend not to shoot your flashes at full power and decrease aperture or increase the camera ISO instead.
Mike Haller
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